Marrying A Playboy Billionaire Analysis

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Marrying a Playboy Billionaire is a contemporary romance novella written by H.M. Irwing. It follows the story in the point of view of Aria Longbottom and how her life intertwined with one playboy billionaire, Justin Kay.

Everything started when Aria Longbottom, a curvy and quiet brunette was dumped by Dale Carmichael, her ex-fiancé for her bubbly blonde cousin whom she disliked, Linda Schubeck, in the doorstep of Justin Kay’s party. Broken-hearted Aria Longbottom had found herself in the bed of Justin Kay, the morning after a steamy and pleasurable night; a night she concluded as a mistake that she intended to hide from the man. Five years later as fate would have it; successful career woman, Aria Longbottom with a five-year secret, was
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Other than that, I was happy to see her finally standing up to herself when she sarcastically expressing her gratefulness to both Dale and Linda for saving her from marrying Dale at her dinner party. However, there were a few things about Aria’s character that I do not like. In the chapter where she considered Justin’s proposal, she wanted him for herself yet after everything dawned to her mind, she had second-guessing her decisions and feeling muddled with her feelings for him. Aria’s character was described as a career woman who worked herself to be at a top position in the company for the past five years. However, I found it irresponsible that she, after meeting Justin, had disregarded her work by being tardy and especially her inability to be professional at the workplace. As she was depicted as a career woman, this had faded along with Aria’s career that she worked for five years were flushed down the toilet. My perception of the title, playboy billionaire that Justin Kay portrayed did not quite view him as a typical playboy billionaire. It was a truth that Justin did have many exes yet he was not the irresponsible playboy. Justin’s character was revealed to be caring, cheerful and kind to everyone. But his feeling for Aria was too intense and he had a sad past that he cannot reveal, he was able to share with
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