Marrying Absurd In Joan Didion's Essay

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This essay was inspired by Joan Diddinś essay Marrying Absurd in which she discusses how the conventions of marriage have changed for the worse. Didion writes her essay with a blend of personal knowledge, scientific fact, and personal observation, a combination which allows her to express her opinion without making the essay a personal narrative. In contrast to Didionś essay, mine is a little more personal, I used a childhood anecdote , some scientific study and a few personal observations a basis for my critique of modern childhood. Throughout my essay ,I use imagery and detailed descriptions to express my dissatisfaction. Beginning in the first paragraph, I start by setting the stage for my essay so that the reader knows right away what the topic of my essay will be. I then transition into a childhood anecdote ,meant to be a point of contrast between children of my generation versus modern day children. I spend the next two paragraphs using detailed imagery to paint a picture of my childhood citing ¨ [hopping] over smelly gutters and hunting through sparse forests ¨ as prime examples of adventures children should be allowed to have. I describe the marketplace in detail with the ¨old women haggling””and the ¨ thick film like air¨ so that the reader is immersed in that memory.…show more content…
I take a placating tone saying parents ¨ have to understand¨ the positive attributes of my arguments. I noticed that Didion was not completely obvious about her distaste for modern weddings, so since I had been so direct with my disapproval I felt a placating tone would dial it down a little
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