Mars One Project Research Paper

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From creating the very first telescope to taking a picture of the entire solar system from 6 billion kilometers away, humanity has made tremendous progress involving space exploration. Some people predict that the 21st century will be an age of religion, the age of robots, the age of the destruction of mankind, but I have much larger plans for the future. I believe that it is human 's destiny to explore and expand all throughout our solar system, and even beyond.
There is no ignoring the fact that humanity is advancing its knowledge of space at an extremely rapid pace. Such a rapid pace, that if mankind were to survive even one fourth of the age of the earth, the timeline from 1610, where the first telescopic view of the night sky was observed,
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A trip to Mars is already being planned out and put into motion. The Mars One Project is an organization of people aspiring to land the first group of astronauts on mars by 2027. They have been training qualified volunteers to take this one trip journey to Mars and to live there. I believe that it is very attainable that humans can indeed eventually live on mars, and I have the utmost faith in the success of this mission. It exhilarates me that these discoveries will be carried out while I am still alive to see them, and I look forward to seeing the outcome of this project. Also, NASA has discovered that Mars was indeed capable of carrying water within lakes during a period of time. This raises the idea that if Mars did once carry water on its surface at one time, then water could possibly be brought back to its surface again for the use of people. So many new traits are being surfaced about the planet of Mars, and it seems like it is the next destination for humans in the near future. I strongly predict that after Mars, we will move onto the next planet, and then the planet after
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