Mars Persuasive Essay

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186,282 miles per second. That’s how fast light travels in the universe. Our Sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth, and it’s light reaches us in around 8 minutes. That may seem like a huge distance, but that is absolutely nothing compared to other objects in space. Neptune, known for its glorious blue color, is 2.7 billion miles away. The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is 24.92 trillion miles from the Earth. The nearest galaxy to us, the Andromeda Galaxy, is 1.492 times 10 to the power of 19. These distances, as we can see, get so large that astronomers use something called light years. This is the how far light travels in one year. Now Stars. You may think our Sun is big, but, once again, its is absolutely nothing compared to other…show more content…
You see, the astronauts that are chosen to go, they won’t be coming back. They will have to stay and live the rest of their lives on Mars. So, if somebody there feels they need to return to Earth, that won’t necessarily be an option. Many people argue that this is unethical because of how extreme and difficult life on Mars will be. Since Mars is much further from the Sun, its temperatures tend to be much lower than Earth 's, with an average temperature of -81 degrees F. ( Living on Mars could possibly be compared to living on Antarctica. However, there has never been a time in which a great feat has been accomplished without a great sacrifice. Most likely some of us wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for the countless people who fought for America’s independence. If it wasn’t for the millions of young men who died in WWII, Hitler might still be killing Jews and other races. Throughout history, every great event most likely cost the life of somebody. N Also, no matter what you believe concerning the Mars mission, everybody can agree that colonizing a whole other planet would be pushing humanity forward greatly in terms of science and
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