Marsalis Teague Research Paper

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Marsalis Teague There are some famous people that have been a part of Henry County. One person that I think of that has been a part of Paris is Marsalis Teague. He one person that has been big in Henry County and has done a lot. Teague has become an accomplished person in his time. Marsalis Teague is a famous person to Henry County because he is a great athlete, has won many awards and has done many things for his hometown. “Marsalis Teague was born in Memphis Tennessee on May 12, 1991.” Teague also has four siblings. He moved to Paris when he was around six. He attended Rhea, P.E.S., and Inman for his elementary and middle school. Then he went to Henry County High school until he graduated in 2009. While at HCHS he played football. He became a very good football player. When he graduated he attended UT Knoxville and played for the Tennessee Volunteers. He was a very accomplished football player. Teague said, “ with numerous football awards.” While in school he won according to the paper, “ Marsalis Teague for being a student athlete award winner.” He won many other awards not only in football such as, “ I have received the Loyal Patriot award and the Marquis de Paris,” as Teague said.…show more content…
One newspaper article states, “ Marsalis Teague was back in town and spoke to LaLee Smith’s fifth-grade class at P.E.S. Teague signed autographs and spoke to the class about the importance of education. He told the kids they shouldn’t wait until high school to do their best.” He has done more for his community and hopes to be an influence to kids to try their best. Teague stated, “ I hope that by striving to be the best man that I can be has left a positive impact on my hometown.” He wants his hometown to be the best it can
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