Marshall Aid Informative Speech

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INT: Good evening listeners, and welcome back to Radio Free Europe. Tonight we’ve managed to secure a very unlikely interview considering the events of the past years. However we are delighted to bring our listeners interviews with the United States’ President Harry Truman and the Soviet Union’s General Secretary Joseph Stalin to discuss matters regarding the Marshall Aid. We will speak with President Truman first and then with Joseph Stalin. President Truman, let’s get started with the questions: What is your view on Marshall Aid?

TRU: I believe that Marshall Aid is a very ambitious and generous offer from the US as Europe is in a state of decay and will gradually fall into chaos unless we step in to help. It is a very costly plan however we see the cost as necessary due to the predicted consequences of Europe falling to anarchy.
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TRU: The main reason Marshall Aid has been brought into action is that Europe is in need of support and needs to rebuild due to it being ruined by the events of World War 2. We offered Europe $13 Billion dollars and the resources needed to jumpstart the dying economy and restore Europe back to its former glory. The plan was gladly accepted by most; however the offer was rejected by the USSR and its “allies”.

INT: And what do you think of Eastern Europe refusing Marshall
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