Marshall Davis Jones Essay

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In the poem of “Touchscreen,” by Marshall Davis Jones, he is explaining how our feelings towards technology are crucial and where we do not want to live in a world without internet or media. He describes how he lives in a society where everyone has limited interaction with each other and that he witnesses doing it also. He explains his frustration how we spend so much time establishing profiles so other people can recognize you. In the beginning of the poem, it introduces you to his world where it is all digital and in the end, it shows you that the speaker is angry about technology and how he wishes that they would design it more advanced enough to make them all humans again.

Firstly, the speaker is the one who is telling the poem
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This phase, “Garden of Eden,” means it is a forbidden fruit and he is relating to the invention of apple products. However, the poet uses apples and blackberries in his poem to metaphorically relate them to products that people have established. It shows that he is using his creative thinking to contribute to fruits into technology phases. The words that he often uses are mostly media related, for instance, Facebook and digital. Those words are connected because in the internet world, we frequently use Facebook, twitter, and instagram and he wants his audience to open up their mind on how this matter of networks can cause an illusion. It is a source of society that wants to point you to a view of how to act in a certain way and that these networks would permit a reputation for yourself. Moreover, one of the literary devices that he uses are metaphors, for example, he compare technology and traditional interaction and how it eventually controlling us. Another example is a hyperbole where he compares to Adam and Eve in line 26. As a result, technology is a negative influence on us because it separates individuals from
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