Marshall Gold Rush

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Finally, on January 24, 1848, Marshall noticed something yellow and flaky in the riverbend one day, and he reached down to grab the mysterious yellow thing. His heart skipped a beat. He has found gold that is the same size as a pea, then he found another, and another, and another. Marshall then went to find Sutter to share his new discovery. Sutter was amazed with Marshalls finding, and to test if it was real gold, they put the gold in some acid to see if it either had an impact, which means fake, or no impact, which means real. After other tests, like weighing the gold to see if it weighed more than normal metal, and reading an article about gold, it passed and Sutter “Declared this to be gold.” The following night, Suter was concerned about…show more content…
With the finding of the gold rush, they expanded the land for settlers from around the world, which means more money and more goods and trading ports. But the downside to all of this is that the pattern of American racism and discrimination kept of going, but that started to die down once the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was in progress. This treaty is “free enjoyment of their liberty and property.” In addition, the luring of immigrants around the world led to the railroad and jump-started the industrial revolution. Because of the gold rush there has been so much land, people, and events spreading like wildfire. The gold rush added 500 million dollars to the nation 's wealth. The funny thing is that the people who found the gold, James Marshall and John Stutter had no benefits for their findings. They did lose workers, but because of their findings, they did make a milestone for america, so that is a huge benefit. Ever since the gold rush erupted, everything started, from the industrial revolution and the railroad and trading…show more content…
July 16, 1939, Einstein 's letter. But, before his letter, President Truman 's decided to drop an atomic bomb that shook the world. The historians are conversing the use of the bomb on live population. With a few doubts, the United states developed a weapon before the war has even begun. This would not have happened if it wasn’t for a Hungarian physicist named Leo Szilard and Albert Einstein. Szilard was born in the year 1898, and he served World War I before moving to Berlin to study physics. The beginning of the century, Germany was the Mecca of scientist, and in 1933, won ninety-nine Nobel Prizes for science with eighteen for England, and six for the United States. Szilard saw their work and went to London, where he brought a refugee scientist to British university. Same year, Hitler came to power, where he took over Germany and killed the Jewish. Szilard was sitting in traffic when he thought “Was it possible to split a nucleus with a neutron and create a chain reaction of energy known as nuclear fission?” With this question in his head, he tried various experiments over the few years, but failed because he “split the atoms wrong.” Even with his failure, he knew it was possible, and he was going to
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