Marshmallow Persuasive Speech

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Don't eat the marshmallow

I will introduce you to the topic Don't eat the marshmallow. There is a man named Walter Michel. He was the person that was interested in seeing what will benefit people to have self control. So he got 4,5,6, year old kids and put them in a room to see if after around 15 to 20 minutes the marshmallow is there or if the marshmallow is gone. So this was to teach kids and parents how to have self control.

Also this is not about that kids should not have so much sugar.
Try not to eat the marshmallow because if you do you will not get really good grades in school. In the video that we watched the kids were left in a room with nobody except the marshmallow and only ⅓ did not eat the marshmallow and the other ⅔ just straight
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