Marta In Candelario

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Marta go to visit el brujo to cast a spell on Candelario and Chayo 's unborn baby. At that moment, Marta is feeling anger and she did not think thoroughly about it because Candelario and Chayo are not willing to raise her baby. Marta hope that Candelario and Chayo’s unborn child will die, so Candelario and Chayo will take care of her baby. Marta picture, “el brujo’s magic wresting the baby from her sister’s womb, but then she pictured her own child taking its place in Chayo’s arms.” (Benitez, 61). When Chayo know about the spell, she locks Marta out of her life and creates a division between them. Marta try to talk it out, but she fails to reconnect with her sister. Marta asks, “Won’t you ever forgive me?” (Benitez, 151). Chayo says, “For what
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