Martha Montez Argumentative Essay

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Many people seem to seek to fame and glory, however, some of the heroes we do not recognize are those who save the day, but whose stories are not told. Martha Montez had gone to work early on a summer morning to direct the morning shift and produce as many cards as she could. She had reported to her boss’, Lynn Gill, office and followed all directions to make sure the cards would be produced good and fast enough. Her luck would soon change and she would soon have the office to herself. She had recently been promoted to shift leader and her new job was to make cards to give to Topps industry. She was full of spirit and joy and she was ready to take on any task. She would help all her coworkers at her job by finish making cards and answer questions…show more content…
He sped up the machine and noticed that a card got stuck and tried to take it out. When he tried to get it out his hand got stuck and it was being sucked in by the machine. As soon as he cried for help, Martha came running, and pulled his hand out of the machine before his arm got shopped. Sadly, the boss lost a piece of his index finger, but had his entire arm saved. The boss was taken to the hospital, but the job still needed to be completed. She cleaned the machine and started running it as fast as she could and made sure the job was completed by the end of the day. Topps was satisfied with her productivity and thanked her for delivering the job on time. The next day she came in at the same hour and got a phone call. She answered and her boss assured her he was safe but he would have to retire. She said she was sorry, but he interrupted her and gave her the best news she had ever received. He said, “I’m sorry to have to tell you this but you are fired. You are no longer a shift leader, you are now the boss, congratulations.” With that remark her smile grew wide and she was honored to take on such responsibility. She had become the new official boss of her worksite and realized she was the first female to be a boss. Till this day she is still the only female boss in the whole factory where she works at. She is revered
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