Martha Stewart And The Cannibal Polar Bear Analysis

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Often times when presented with raw facts it can be difficult for an audience to obtain information. In order to make information stick when writing it is important to make a strong connection with your audience. In the excerpt Martha Stewart and The Cannibal Polar Bears in Jon Mooallem’ new book Wild Ones the author makes a strong connection with the audience by seamlessly drawing you in by presenting closeness and familiarity. He simply puts himself to the position to where the reader must look up to him as an expert and someone they can relate to. The author also uses strong ethical based claims that make you almost feel bad for the polar bears. In the excerpt the mooallem explains a northern military fort that was known as “the polar bear capital of the world”. with its newfound title came tourists. And with the uprising in tourism comes with the rise in destruction. The author makes a very strong and and almost emotional connection not only to himself but the the polar bears…show more content…
Bringing attention to the fact that if it's not bringing positive attention its deemed as unimportant. Although there are efforts being made he simply makes it out to be “not enough” he shows this by briefly stating things like “the predicament of actual polar bears, meanwhile, seemed only to be getting worse.” and “I noticed that the museum was scrapping its exhibit about disappearing glaciers and polar bears. It had proved unpopular and was mostly ignored,” statements such as these paint such a sad pitiful image for the polar bears. It causes readers attention to focus on themselves and hopefully push them to be more considerate and attentive to such pressing
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