Martha's Break Up Analysis

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Martha Gupta and Robert Salinas were high school students in Chicago, Illinois, who had been going out ever since 8th grade. Suddenly problems started to occur and caused their breakup in April, 2015. Multiple sources of conflicts were shown in documents one through eight that led to Robert and Martha’s break up. These documents are composed by notes from friends, images, and text messages which led to instances of them both cheating on each other.Despite Robert and Martha having a seemingly perfect relationship, their cheating tendencies gradually led to their break up. At first, based on the timeline of the documents, they seemed to have a seemingly perfect relationship. This is shown with documents 2 and 1 which occurred on November and December 2014 . The two documents show…show more content…
On document 5 Martha’s friend seemed to have written a note to somebody that said, “Ok, so she did kinda hook up with Brian, but they only kissed ONCE. DON’T TELL ANYONE. Martha is really worried that Robert will find out.” However, Robert eventually found out which can relate to document 7 which shows a discipline referral that says, “Robert was engaged in an altercation with another student in the hall outside my office. He was shouting aggressively and did not respond to a verbal warning to stop.” Despite not knowing if it was actually Brian, this could’ve been a fight between Him and Robert based on the hook up with Martha over the summer. Likewise Document 6 shows a message Martha has made to her friend Ana that said, “I know for a fact he’s cheated with at least three other girls.” This can be related to the graph of document 8 in which Robert’s wireless use is a little higher than Martha in the months of August 2014 to December 2014. To conclude, it shows that there was a cheating tendency with Robert and also a cheating instance with
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