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After reading the text form Rose about both Marti and Lucia, I think rose is trying to bring to teacher and counselors attention that they have classrooms full of unique students from different backgrounds and therefore different views on life. I feel that Rose want teacher and counselors to not just understand this but acknowledge this. In Lucia’s case, when the teacher gave the book, he should have explained that the book is just one persons opinion (Szaszs) and that he knows that everyone will not agree with what Szasz is saying, and that it is perfectly fine if they don’t share the same views as Szasz. The teacher should have explained to them that they can use their opposing view to help get through and understand the text if it helps,…show more content…
With Rose being a Psychologist, he understands that there are always logical reasons behind every action, and not the ignorant assumptions made by everyday humans, who would accused the Martia of just being lazy or unable to understand the reading. Rose understood that there is more to what the plain eye sees and what is laid out on the table. So he did what came as second nature to him and any other psychologist; he decided to get to the root of the problem. Rose understood that you could do this by getting to know more about the persons domestic life, childhood, and past experiences that stands out to them, being bad or good experiences. These are the things that make the person who they are today and explain a lot of why they may do some of the things they do. If Rose had a background in math instead of psychology, there is a huge chance that it wouldn’t have crossed his mind to really sit and analyze Martia to get to the root of why she Plagiarized her paper. He wouldn’t have known that she just didn’t understand that what she did wrong, and why she seems to not understand. He wouldn’t have known about her bringing up or father. None of that would have come

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