Martial Law In The Philippines

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Martial Law is a state of government wherein a state or country is run by military power. There is no doubt that when asked about martial law, people would immediately say it was the darkest time in the history of the Philippines. The problem is martial law during President Marcos time is deeply rooted in our minds. We don’t see the benefit of what martial law could bring if handled with good intent. Martial Law should be implemented in the Philippines because of our over-democratized lifestyle and lack of discipline, increasing illegal activities and corruption. The first reason why it should be implemented is because of the over democratized lifestyle we lead and the lack of discipline. The “people power” revolution in 1986 has been accredited on bringing democracy back in our country. We learned to value liberty more, which is good however too much of it is bad. As we learn to fight for freedom, we forget that our rights end when the rights of other’s start. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Marathir Mohammad once told a Filipino audience that democracy works only when people understand its limitations. For example, some people think that it’s okay to take out their trash on someone else’s space and let them deal with it. If we do not realize these limitations, discipline would not be an easy thing to see in our country. We as Filipinos are naturally disciplined people especially abroad, but in our country it’s a whole different thing. There is definitely a lack of
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