Territorial Expansionism In Delany's Manifest Destiny

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The Antebellum era was a period in history that marked the economic growth of the South. One of the things that gave rise to Manifest Destiny was the idea of territorial expansion. Manifest Destiny is the 19th-century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the U.S. throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable. One person who showed belief in this idea of expanding territories was Martin Delany. Delany believed in the founding of a nation where formerly enslaved blacks could forge a homeland free from the discrimination that was universal in the United States. However, not only did Delany have beliefs of territorial expansion, but he shared similar connections with Amy Greenberg. Both were concerned with the social, political, and historical perspectives that played a role in the growth of Manifest Destiny. The goal of this paper is to provide insight on Delany’s…show more content…
He had much confidence that they were entitled just as white Americans to expand their homelands. Fusing an unusual blend of black self-determination with the contemporary black emigration movement, Delany favored the concept of “a nation within a nation.” One could argue that Delany favored a nation within a nation because white Americans felt that enslaved blacks could not own their own lands and expand. Blacks were separated from the white Americans during the antebellum era. However, Delany and Greenberg shared the same ideas regarding expansionism and coexisting. Amy Greenberg’s biggest concern was how the United States had a relationship with the rest of the world. This was also a concern that Martin Delany shared as well. Delany also stayed in the United States to work towards the emancipation of slaves. However, Greenberg and Delany shared the same overall goal, which was expansion within the United States. They both went about doing things differently, however, they had the same
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