Chief Inspector Frederick Gansberg Analysis

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Gansberg tells a story about the lack of help neighbors give while one of their own are being murdered and how it stunned the Assistant Chief Inspector Frederick. At his time Frederick has been a detective for 25 years, he has been a part of numerous killings but this specific murder shocked him. In this essay 38 civilians witness a 28 year old female named Kitty, who was returning home from her shift at a bar in Hollis. On her short walk home from her car in her middle class neighborhood, she was grabbed and then stabbed by an unknown man. She yelled for help multiple times. People in the neighborhood hear her cries for help but did nothing. Some turned on their lights to see what was happening, one neighbor even yelled out “let that girl alone!” but that’s all he did, seems like the killer stabbed her and then was frighten and left kitty only to come back and stab her again. More than half an hour has passed and still no one has tried to help. The killer stabbed Kitty one more time, this time killing her in near her apartment. None of the neighbors called…show more content…
Gansberg supported this with strong facts that people should take action when seeing someone being victimized. Gansberg got right to the point with his essay. He used short paragraphs with short sentences which brings emphasis to what he is trying to say. His tone is every clear, he is very disappointed. He focuses on how the neighbors react to the circumstance. He jumps straight to the murder of Kitty, this surprises and hooks the readers in. Gansberg leaves us in suspense with his ending line. When the ambulance drove off with Kitty’s body a police detective said “the people came out.” I think this is his way of saying after everything was said and done people felt bad for not helping. After this huge guilt came upon them then, they wanted to do something
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