Martin Juno Character Analysis

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"Martin Luna is a monster", that's what people think about him when they look at the way he acts. However, the "monster" that people assume is not the real one. Someone says, "It's only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eyes" , and that statement is true when applied to Martin. Deep inside that monster is the little boy who is longing for a happy life. That little boy loves his family and his friends, and he always tries his best to protect them from the danger that is lurking at them. That little boy is not a soft boy as he thinks, but brave. That boy is Martin Luna. Martin Luna is the boy who loves his family and his friend. On page 32, when Martin is covered by the darkness, he finally reveals…show more content…
But it's for your own good. Frankie's coming. You gotta stay away from me." Though Martin is a tough guy, he is weak sometimes since there are too many things for a sixteen year old boy to handle. In the moment of weakness, Martin needs the support from his friends, especially Vicky. However, instead of being selfish and keeping Vicky around him, Martin thinks for Vicky's safety first. Martin pushes Vicky away from the trouble that Vicky might have if she continue close to him, and Martin pushes Vicky away the death which Heuro gets from gang violence. Martin loves his friend. Being trapped in confuse situation and emotion is the reason for Martin's behavior as what Mr.Mitchell says, " No, Martin, you are wrong about you. Wrong to blame yourself for things that aren't your fault. Wrong to keep pushing people away, wrong to let stupid comments from Steve jeopardize your career hear at Bluford. Wrong to protect guys that aren't your friends." Martin does bad things, but it does not mean that he is a bad person because bad guys won't put themselves into trouble for helping a friend. Martin is the good boy who loves his family and his friends. Martin is not the soft boy as he thinks, but
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