Trayvon Martin King: A Dream Speech

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Martin King Jr I have a dream speech is one of the most pivot point in America Civil right movement in history; The only question remain are we going backward, or going forward on the civil right movement? The Answer is we are making some progress and some set back. And here why I think this way, for past six years since, the year of 2012 we have experience a Civil rights roller coaster since the shooting of teenage boy was name Trayvon Martin was killed by police officer he was only 17 years old; The police officer who shot Trayvon his name was George Zimmerman claim it was for self defense George Zimmerman press charges against Trayvon Martin of physically beating his head to the ground and reaching for his gun to attempt to kill him because of that is when he decided to stand his ground and that was excuse to use lethal force order to save his life the problem with that he have lack of eye witness to back his story there for the case of shooting Trayvon Martin vs Trayvon Martin had appear in court of death Trayvon Martin parent file a lawsuit claim their son was murder by George Zimmerman and that created a lot of strong opinion across the…show more content…
And the results from this also had create the new political civil rights movement is called Black Live Matter for short BML, the main primly goal for Black Live Matter organization is to focus on the police abuse of power against some minorities in United State. Sometime I think they go too far against police department to the point of being bias with political correctness before the final investigation and the court make decision the on the

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