How Did Luther Influence The Protestant Reformation

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The Protestant Reformation was a time period of upheaval, conflict, and most importantly change and religious change being one the most significant changes. The Reformation had a huge impact on religion and the era shaped the understanding of Heaven and Hell. Martin Luther and John Calvin were main contributors to developing and creating religious ideals during this time. They were influential because Luther and Calvin both opposed the religious the traditional views of the time. The Catholic Church was being challenged for the first time during this time and altering the beliefs of people. The Protestant Reformation was greatly influenced by Luther and Calvin, “Luther gave the Reformation its heart and soul. Calvin gave it its mentality.” Luther is known for kicking off the Reformation; whereas, Calvin is known for bringing the meaning. The Protestant Reformation sufficiently affected people’s…show more content…
John Calvin was another who made great influence during this time. In1509 John Calvin was born in France. Much time had passed since Luther was born and he the Reformation with Luther was just beginning. Calvin’s influence on the Reformation was strongly marked by his Bible commentaries. Similar to Luther, Calvin did study Christianity deeply and at his time also studied the Reformation. Calvin was in connection with a scholar named Nicolas Cop, who supported Luther and the Reformation. During his studying and developing a friendship with Cop, Calvin was banished, where Calvin converted himself to Christianity. Following being banished, Calvin struggled with the authorities running him out and looking for him as his beliefs and teachings did not follow the traditional Catholic Church. In 1536, he published the first edition of his book, “Institutes of Christian Religion” which provides defense in the faith, thoughts, and beliefs of the Reformers past and
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