Martin Luther And The Renaissance

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History has many different people that influenced different periods of time. Seven different eras had important influences that made this period of time well known.from the early 1300s in the Renaissance it was greatly influenced by the German professor who questioned and went against the ideas and the beliefs of the catholic church. Then later in history in the 1700s the famous inventor Thomas Edison who helped influenced the industrial revolution with his many different inventions, some that we even use today. These influences are just some of the many different people that helped create an era in history. The Renaissance is defined as a new birth, this period of time was mainly in Europe when the Catholic Church was beginning to show become corrupt, wanting money instead of spreading the ways of God, and Catholicism, ( Piper, 10). Martin Luther was a German professor who felt like the Catholic Church was not doing the job it is supposed to do, which was show the way of God, instead the Catholic Church was corrupt, and did not care for the way of God. When Luther first noticed this, he wrote 95 Theses. This was reasons why the selling of indulgences was wrong and should not be allowed. Indulgences were given as pardons for sins, as long as money was given to the Church in return.Luther nailed these on the front door of the Catholic Church. People soon began to side along with Luther. The Catholic exiled him, but Luther did not stop there. He translated the Bible into
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