Similarities Between Mountain Dew And Doritos

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2) Examples of images. 1- The ad by RAM advertising its truck is unique in that it used a vice over from a speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. it uses images of people offering help to people suffering and also images of the army. It is trying to portray the element of service to humanity. The ad uses these images and connects that with the message of Dr. Martin Luther King to showcase how service to the people can be offered by anyone in the society regardless of their level of education. This intended to show how the truck being marketed is dedicated to offering service to humanity. The ad also depicts commitment to doing the right thing. This is commitment driven by love for humanity which leads to people making sacrifices to make the lives of their fellow human beings better. 2- The ad for Mountain Dew and Doritos features two movie stars lip-syncing to a…show more content…
PR ensures the image of the company is not affected when a scandal such as this one arises. The case shows how laws and ethics are related to some extent. Violation of ethics through providing misleading information is punished when it is interpreted by law as making false claims. Therefore, the law and ethics appear related though it is not the case always. 4) Empowerment sounds unrealistic because advertising is driven by the need to increase sales revenue. The objective is to ensure as many people are aware of the product and are convinced that they should choose it over the rest. Consequently, only information that makes the product appealing to the consumer is shared and, in some instances, exaggerated to ensure the consumer ends up buying the product. The advertiser should provide information that will be accurate to ensure the consumer is not misled. However, the intention should be to increase sales not to empower the
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