Martin Luther King: An Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. played a major role in the American civil rights movement. He was a “social activist” and a “Baptist minister” known for his kind deeds that also won him a “Nobel Peace Prize”. (Carson, n.d.) Dr. King was a successful leader in many ways and has proven to be an example of a good leader through his leadership qualities and good deeds for the society. He always believed in equality and never put himself before his followers or never had motives behind his actions. Martin Luther King came from a middle-class family and still managed to become a leader and an inspiration for million others. Hence, I have chosen Martin Luther King as my leader as we can learn from him that an ordinary person can become a leader by having…show more content…
(2014). Martin Luther King: An Emotionally Intelligent Leader All the resources that I have used have helped me study Dr. King’s thinking, leadership style, emotional intelligence, etc. and understand the strategy behind being an effective leader and making a notable change in the…show more content…
He always said that his conscience guided him. Most authentic leaders, like Dr. King, have their conscience guiding them and always listen to the truth within themselves. They take this route when they have to make a hard decision during controversial issues. He never differentiated between masses and always thought about humankind first. This suggests that he always believed in equality. (Wernsing, 2008) Dr. King implemented Systems Thinking and it is evident through his actions. Martin Luther King led a lot of followers. A lot of planning and effective thinking goes into leading an audience. Leading a team not only means you would be responsible for their actions, but also for the consequences. Hence, for a successful leader like Dr. King, had the vision, goals and the right direction to see what the future should hold for them. (Wernsing, 2008) Dr. King was an ethical and unbiased leader. He fought for equality of African-American. After Dr. King’s visit to India, he was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi for his will to fight for the people using non-violence. His speeches always reached out in a positive way to the audience. (Rao,

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