Summary Of Martin Luther King's Life Story

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Within this bio you will understand martin Luther King’s life story. We will cover many aspects of the time period such as segregation, rights, abolitionism, religion, and more. You the reader will truly understand the malevolence, hatred, and the discrimination that went on not too long ago. It will be prominent that religion was the cause of some of Martins decisions You will also learn about Martin Luther’s king march against all opposition to reach goals that seemed ludicrous, unreal, and impossible. Regardless of the obstacles he stood tall and ventured forth leaving a legend in history that is still remembered today. Martin King Jr. Sir (martin’s father) was a Minster for many years, he felt that god had called him to go to Atlanta.…show more content…
earned a sociology degree, which is the study of social problems. He was the top of his class and a student president, and more. Martin was different from his father, he was significantly more laid back. King liked to do things such as drink and play pool with his friends at college. He later got involved with a white woman, he went through a time were it was difficult to break up with her. During Martin Luther King Jr. last year in seminary he started to learn many things from a man by the name of Reinhold Niebbuhr. Reinhold was his mentor and King was his apprentice, Martin 's mind was challenged by him, and his mentor also helped change his views. He deeply influenced martin’s relationship with God. Martin was a smart man so he was able to be accepted in many colleges including the best one Yale; he chose to go to Boston University.
During his time in Boston he met he met a woman by the name of Coretta Scott. They later got married and had four brilliant children by the names of Yolanda, Martin Luther King 3rd, Dexter Scott, and Bernice. He became a pastor, gained a PHD in theology (which is the study of God), all of this was received in 1955 at the age of
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The name of this girl was Claudette Colvin she was immediately arrested and taken to jail. This was first looked at by the black community as a way to go against Montgomery 's rule for segregated buses. The plan came to a devastating failure when they figured out she was pregnant. Then the stubborn lady Rosa Parks came around and got on the bus after a hard exhausting long day at work. She casually sat down on the first row of the colored section of the bus. A couple of white men getting on the bus demanded that her and a couple of more black men give up their
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