Martin Luther King Antigone Analysis

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The way a person thinks can lead to the way they act. Which is why ideology is the starting point for courage. At a first glance, Ideology is the common sense that is shared among members of a community and it can help people, muster courage. That is why ideology plays a key role in helping people to rise above any situation that may lay heavy on a person or animals’ mind or heart, whether it's mentally, physically, or spiritually. Which is exactly what happens in Martin Luther King Jr speech I’ve Been to the Mountaintop and in Sophocles’, Antigone. Martin Luther King and Antigone both had very strong mindsets on certain subjects, which then allowed them to find the courage within themselves to support their views publicly. Being vocal about ideas that go against what you’re taught from a young age is a scary position to…show more content…
This is why it made it so hard for Antigone’s sister, Ismene, to watch her sister follow through with her plan on burying her exiled brother. Ismene is affected by the Greek Ideology. This ideology is “dominant pattern of ideas… certain orthodox ideas are encouraged, financed, and pushed forward by the most powerful mechanisms of
Harry 2 our culture. These ideas are preferred because they are safe, they don’t threaten established wealth or power” (Invention 109). Ismene believes a woman shouldn’t fight authority, especially if death is the penalty. When she was first asked to participate in the plan she said, “What? You’d bury him when the law forbids the city?” (Antigone 61). She didn’t think about the fact that it’s her own brother that is laying above the ground deceased. The only thing she cared about was that the city forbids her to do anything outside of the law. Ismene has no courage to stand by her family because of her beliefs that people shouldn’t do anything that the law doesn’t permit. She said, “we’ll die, the worst of all if we violate the laws and override the
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