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Description of Martin Luther King Day It is a federal holiday that celebrates the achievements of Martin Luther Junior who was an American civil activist best known for his fight against racial segregation. It started in 1971 when people in various states in the U.S decided to celebrate Dr. King. However, it was made a federal holiday in 1986. Dr. King fought for the rights of the minority black people to see a country where all persons –black and white- had equal rights. People in different states celebrate this day differently. Some schools usually close on this day but others usually choose to remain open. Those that remain open teach the children about Martin Luther King. They share the knowledge on how he led the civil rights movement…show more content…
It is a day that reminds us of the efforts of Dr. King and others in the Civil Rights movement. It is the day when we celebrate equality among all in the United States. It is a day that we honor the bravery and courage of Dr. King in making the world a better place. A day when we commemorate together in honor of a legend. It is also a day of fun and cheers where some people organize charity works where they give back to the society. These acts give one a fulfilling sense of purpose. The fact that people come together to celebrate, some even walking down the streets together, it shows a time where all people come together as one to celebrate. A great sense of belonging is instilled among the people leaving them vibrant. History of Martin Luther King Day Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1968. Just after his death, legislation was brought forward to the Congress a proposal to have a day to honor Dr. King. Debates went on in congress and a vote was taken in 1979 where the bill was defeated by five votes. Reasons cited were that the holiday would be expensive as federal officers would still be paid and that it was not to have a day to celebrate a private figure since Dr. King had never held any public

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