Martin Luther King Fear Analysis

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As claimed by Dr. Martin Luther King, hatred, prejudice, and violence are mainly provoked by the idea of fear. The substantial reason of agreement towards this is obvious. The human by nature reacts negatively towards anything in their life that causes mental or physical harm. This quote is relevant to several key historical figures and events throughout world history, and still could and probably will apply in the future. Depression, tyranny, and hypocrisy are all major downfalls from our past as a community and as individuals. Fear is the presence that seems to be recurring and extremely evident. I believe that Martin Luther King was definitely correct because of some prime historical examples including: Hitler with his fear-based tyranny and the prejudice that once engulfed America, as well as bullying in schools and in the outside world that yet still lingers. During the early 1900’s, the country of America was just recovering from the hard-hitting Great Depression and had been primarily struggling with itself to maintain a stabilized government. Our country had been ignorant to what had been occurring on the other side of the world: genocide. Innocent Jewish civilians were being mass-murdered because of one insane human who stripped them of their freedom and forced them to their…show more content…
It is another major factor that portrays the way that fear can ultimately lead to violence and aggression. This sort of torture is usually found with young children, but can be seen in adults alike. Growing up with violent media such as video games, movies, and television, and/or abusive relatives, can foster the need and the hunger for such behavior, making the victim more prone to becoming a bully themselves by the fear of being targeted that has turned them into anger filled
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