Martin Luther King I Have A Dream Speech Analysis

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Martin Luther King, Jr. was an important influential person in our history. He wrote not only the historic “I Have a Dream” speech, but he also wrote a letter while in the Birmingham jail. These two pieces of writing have impacted many and have appealed to the readers emotions and used logic to persuade people. These appeals were found in both the letter and in the speech but which one was more emotional and which one was more logical? Let 's start by talking about the logical appeals in the speech. The “I Have a Dream” affected millions and used many ways to grab at the crowd. Dr. King used logic appeals such as analogies in this speech. In the speech, Dr.King says that America is a “bank of injustice” and African Americans are waiting to cash “the check of freedom and security.” This is a logical appeal because he is using this to reach into readers mind but not grabbing at their emotions. This is just one example of how King used logic in his speech but, the letter had more examples of this type of appeal. In Dr.King’s letter, he had more time than he could have asked for to write this. He wanted to show the white clergymen that they were wrong and judged him wrong. So, King used more logical appeals in this letter like putting in facts that would back up his statement rather than the speech. King uses allusions first off to link his actions to others that have done similar things in the past. For example, he quotes “was not Jesus an extremist for love?” This is
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