Martin Luther King I Have A Dream Speech Essay

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In the mid 1900 's blacks were treated just as poorly as they were 100 years ago. They didn’t have equal or civil rights, nor did they ever get good paying jobs. This was when Martin Luther King Jr, Leader of his church became the leader of the most memorable protests in history. He was prone to violence and none of his follower raised a hand toward anyone who were beating them. Once the US went too far and made a devastating decision it create a whole new world of opportunities. King finally got to the people with his speech "I Have a Dream" leading to the end of slavery. When Martin Luther King Jr. was in the early stages of his career he was chose to be the leader because his father and he grandfather were in pastoral positions at the city’s…show more content…
King believed to defend breaking laws when those laws are unjust. He expressed this in the many marches that took place. There were eight peaceful marches that was led but the most scarring was "Bloody Sunday". 600 protesters were on the US Highway 80 were brutally beat and some killed by the police force. This was a big outrage in the movement across the country that devastated millions. The most heart breaking part was that no one could fight back, King declared that there movement would be a peaceful one. They never raised a hand even with fire hoses being shot at them, dogs were ordered to bite at them, Police beating them with their batons. Martin Luther King Jr. was also known for his very inspiring speeches that recruited and led millions. His most important speech he had have said was called "I Have a Dream". This speech talked about even after 100 years blacks were still getting treated poorly and were treated as slave. They still did not have equal right or even civil rights, which led to King talking about the Declaration of Independence. He talked about how the founding father wrote that all man were equal and that they have equal rights. He hoped that in the future things would change for the
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