Rhetorical Analysis Of Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have Dream

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's “I Have Dream” speech was very inspirational in the fight against racial inequality. It sparked the beginning of a progression towards change and freedom, for the multitudes of those oppressed and victims of injustices and brutality. Held in Washington D.C, August 28, 1963 and attended by thousands, Dr. King spoke towards the need for full recognition and realization of the need for racial equality. Those in attendance ranged from everyday people to civil rights activist leaders. As stated within his speech. In attendance as well where both blacks and whites, proof that the contents of the dream he was about to speak was shared not only by those who felt such inequality first hand. “But one hundred years later,…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr's speech very effective at driving home the fact that progression cannot be made if stagnation remains at as high of a level as it's been, also that freedoms and rights cannot be excluded by color. Martin spoke of the frustrations of the people. Poverty was at an all-time high in regards to people of color. Employment did not insure equal pay nor benefits. People of color by law may not have been slaves, yet still felt the oppression of in everyday struggles. People of color where not given the same privileges and freedoms as “All Americans” are entitled to, proper employment and pay, as well as, adequate education. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke volumes towards such things to be corrected and…show more content…
Dr. King drove home the fact that no race is superior to the other and that all people, as a people, are equal in every right. The reality of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream can be seen today in the lives of many. Validating the truth which is, no matter how hopeless it may have seemed, dreams have the potential of inspiring great changes and uniting a people as a whole. Dreams for the kind of life Dr. King intended for his children and the children of said children, now
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