Martin Luther King I Ve Been To The Mountaintop Speech

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“I’ve seen the Promised Land”, this statement has power, not only in it's words but by who they are speaking by. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke these profound words in his last speech, he used them to empower all who heard them and to let the people of this nation know that this fight will end. During this speech, King provided his insight on some of the recent activities of the civil rights movement, such as the sanitation worker strike, the direction the movement was headed, and the importance of reaching equality overall. To begin with, the issue of injustice. King’s attitude towards the sanitation workers was the belief of injustice, other than Memphis not being fair, the unjustness in the news’ failure to report the entirety of the story and instead focusing on the window breaking. In King's speech “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” he states, “That's always the problem with a little violence”, meaning that the more important situation to the movement was not shown but rather a small part that portrayed this as a violent act. King continues, “They very seldom got around to mentioning(...) 1,300 sanitation workers are on strike”, the reason behind not mentioning the strike in the media was to render the deed…show more content…
King sermonized this in his speech to give hope. In the speech he states, “only when it is dark enough can you see the stars”. This is a proclamation designed to explain that the reason things may seem so bad, is because this is the time alone that the light can shine. King then lectures in his speech, “let us move on in these powerful days of challenge, to make America what it ought to be.” This country’s potential must be seen through, where we end may not be clear but those who can must take a stand in this fight and strive for the correct way. The operation of identity (the civil rights movement) is heading in a direction where all will prosper and all life will be deemed
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