Martin Luther King JR: A Part Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Martin Luther King JR was born 1/15/1929 in atlanta Georgia. Martin Luther King JR led the freedom riders. He went to Boston university and got his p.h.d.White men would often beat him with anything in arms reach. police officers would beat him and put him in jail. Martin Luther King JR was part of the civil rights movement. He was often called a nigger by white men and women and police officers. he was part of the Montgomery bus boycott. he did not use violence in the Montgomery bus boycott. He won the Nobel peace prize for the most astonishing black man. Martin Luther King JR was a minister a church. He was baptized on MAY, 1936. Martin Luther King JR entered public school ween he was 5. In May, 1936 he was baptized. Martin
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