Martin Luther King Jr.: America's Most Important Civil Rights Leader

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Did you know that King entered college at the age 15? King, being a powerful orator, made people listen to him. Being a peaceful protester made people notice him. He was also a great leader, which gave him followers. His hard life made him aware of what was going on in the world. His legacy helped him become an important civil rights leader. Martin Luther King Jr. was the most important civil rights leader of his time. Martin Luther King’s education helped him become our nation’s most important civil rights leader. In college, King found help for his goal to end segregation. The answer that he found was the most powerful weapon against injustice is to use nonviolent action to show civil disobedience (Ganeri 8).When King was studying at Crozer,…show more content…
On August 28th, 1963 about 250,000 people arrived in Washington to protest. Those in attendance included blacks, whites, old, young, teachers, ministers, farmers, and even famous people-all there to hear King 's last speech (Ganeri 22-23). The fact that he could bring together different kinds of people in such great numbers shows that he was a good leader. No ordinary man could cause 250,000 diverse people to travel to Washington to protest. Even with the use of violence against the protesters and other difficult situations, King kept the bus boycott going for 1 year. Then the Montgomery government said that people of color could go anywhere on the buses. They had won their fight for the buses (Uschan 37-38). King showed them that they could achieve anything if they did it peacefully. They would not have had the bus boycott if King was not there to lead them. His leadership in this situation let him to become known for the first time. Which is one of the examples of how his leadership allowed him become known across the nation, helping to solidify he place as most important civil rights…show more content…
Martin Luther King’s legacy that he left, helped him become the most important civil rights leader. His achievements have a lasting and a wider impact today. While Martin Luther King was in Jail, he wrote a long and powerful letter. It says that he wants to come and talk to people not being a civil rights leader but as a man. (African Studies Center UPenn). In the letter it states that he want to have black people be seen as any other man. This is King’s legacy that he left It shows that any person, no matter what race or religion should be treated equally as any other person. In August 2011 Martin Luther King Jr. 's Monument was opened to the public in Washington, DC. In honor of a famous and great civil rights leader(World Book Online Student). Many people went to see the monument. “The monument is called "Stone of Hope" in honor of his "I have a Dream" speech” (World Book Online Student). King gave hope to many people, this hope was not just towards fair treatment of the black people, but to have hope to change the world for the better. King’s overall impact was to have people treated fairly and to give hope to make the world a better

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