Martin Luther King Jr And Hector Analysis

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Comparing the lives of Martin Luther King Jr. and Hector, a character from Troy, was amazing in fact that their lives paralleled. These two men, Hector and Martin Luther King Jr., are considered “heroes” of their time. Martin Luther King Jr. and Hector took pride in their beliefs and fought for them, but they both wanted the best for the people, which was what they were fighting for. Hector is a character from the movie/story of Troy. Hector is a Trojan Prince, His father is King Priam and his mother is Queen Hecuba. He was known as the greatest fighter in Troy during his time. He was the first-born son, meaning he was the heir to his father’s throne, and he had a younger brother Paris. Hector was married to Andromache, but together they had an infant son, and his name was Scamandrius (he was also called Astyanax). Hector was killed in a battle against Achilles, fighting for his country and his beliefs. Hector and King fought for their pride and were proud of it. Martin Luther King Jr. is a historical figure from the 1960’s. King was born in 1929, and was married in 1958. His family was killed in a fire except his eldest daughter Yolanda Denise King, who passed away in 2007. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968.…show more content…
and Hector of Troy is because I found qualities in both men that are similar. For example, both Hector and King were killed at the hands of someone else for fighting for what they believed in. However, they both took pride in what they did and they both were loved by most, not all but most. Hector was killed by Achilles, when he was challenged to fight him because Hector thought he had killed Achilles when he had actually killed his cousin (Achilles best/only friend), Hector was roughly 43. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed by James Earl Ray in Memphis, Tennessee, April 4, 1968 at age 39. Although they were both young when they died, they both took sacrifices for their

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