Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X Similarities

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Nearly a century after the abolition of slavery in America, the discrimination and prejudice behavior conducted by caucasians was still prevalent in the lives of African Americans. Certain racial laws that contradicted the human rights set in the Constitution prohibited blacks from living regular lives along-side white Americans. Several iconic individuals within the black community, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, have left behind legacies and ideologies that have impacted and still strongly influence African American culture tremendously. Martin Luther King Jr’s less violent and peaceful approach along with Malcolm X’s affirmative action behavior, shaped the Civil Rights movement and the Black Power movement that eventually…show more content…
While King had a Christianity standpoint, Malcolm was the minister of the Nation of Islam’s Mosque in Harlem. They both believed in nonviolent protesting and organization. They also fought for equality for African Americans by motivating blacks to stand up for themselves in ways they had never done before. They took note of them many issues that America was facing as a nation as it attempted to intervene with other countries. In his King, Malcolm X, War on Terrorism journal piece, Dr. Herman Kelly (2002) states “Martin and Malcolm both would want a safe environment for all people. They would remind us that terrorism is not just ‘over there;’ we have had and are still having our share of terrorism”. King often condemned the acts of terrorism but was a patriarch of peace similar to Malcolm X. Martin Luther King successfully advocated for women's rights with support from the African American female community, civil rights, desegregation, racial court victories, and voting rights. Malcolm inforced in his people the idea that “black is beautiful” and should be fought for through Black Power. Ultimately, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King gave their life for freedom. They were assassinated for defending their race while also single-handedly creating
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