Martin Luther King Jr And The Civil Rights Movement

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Martin Luther King Jr. and the fight for Civil Rights When the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, lots of people thought it was a large step in the right direction for equal rights for all. This was not the case though because one hundred years after this important document was signed, the question of Civil Rights was still a massive topic of discussion because of the segregation and discrimination that the African Americans we 're faced with. One of the most influential African American leaders during this time was Martin Luther King Jr. This is because he helped publicize events for the African Americans, he spoke at many different events to show the world what he wanted out of the Civil Rights Movement, and no matter what happened to him, he never stopped fighting for what was right. Martin Luther King Jr. was a large reason for why the Civil Rights Movement had such a large impact on the lives of African Americans. King participated many events in society and had a big influence on the African American communities who were fighting for their rights. Martin Luther King Jr. was very important to the Civil rights Movement for a few big reasons. One of the reasons was that most of the time, he would bring a lot of publicity to events and protests that were happening in the community. King would go around telling people about his plans of change. This persuaded many people because they too wanted change. The main idea that Martin Luther King Jr. emphasized was nonviolent
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