Martin Luther King Jr Draft Card

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At the National Archives is located the draft card of Martin Luther King Jr., a Civil Rights Activist, who fought for the rights, freedom, and equality of everyone. Dr. King grew up during an era in history when racism and discrimination was the norm in America, so as an adult he dedicated his life to peacefully fighting injustice and inequality. He led marches, directed sit-ins, and participated multiple boycotts along with many other activists. Additionally, all of these actions where done to get the attention of the American government, American society, and the world. Dr. King wanted everyone to know that the way African Americans and other minorities were being treated was wrong and that these unjust norms needed to be removed or altered from our society.…show more content…
created this Selective Service draft card on September 4, 1948 in Atlanta, Georgia, specifically Fulton County. On the draft card that was filled out and signed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has written on it his full name; place of residence; mailing address; the name and address of person who will always know your address; his occupation at the time was as a student; where he was employed at which was nowhere; the local board where he registered at which was #7 Atlanta Fulton Georgia; whether or not he was rejected service in the armed forces which was answered with no; his marital status which was answered as single; whether or not he has been on active duty which was answered with no; and whether he was a present member of a reserve component of the armed forces which was answered with none. Also, on the card consisted of a Physical Description of Martin Luther King. The description described his eye color as brown, hair color as black, skin complexion as brown, height as 5 feet and 7 ½ inches tall, his weight as 150 pounds, and race as
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