Martin Luther King Jr.: Gandhi's Fight For Indian Freedom

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Even Martin Luther King Jr. noted Gandhi as a spark of inspiration to lead him to help change discrimination against African American. Gandhi was a peaceful man who never wanted to fight with violence. Through love and gentleness, he led India to freedom, even though many people disagreed with his ways. Although his mother was ignorant, her devotion to religion never left Gandhi through his life. Which changed Indian history forever. It wasn’t in India Gandhi started campaigning for civil rights, it was when he visited South Africa. That’s where he made his first protest, that lead him to fighting for Indian freedom. Once Gandhi returned home from South Africa, he led the Indian national movement in 1915, which inspired the world to this day.…show more content…
Therefore, Gandhi led almost all of India to the sea to make some. This also resulted in many being arrested for breaking that rule.Because Indians wanted freedom as soon as possible, some of those Indians killed some British guards. Gandhi wanted no violence at all, that’s only one reason why he impacted so many people. So, he cancelled another independence action. Most people thought they were ready for independence, so they were very dissatisfied when their peers didn’t listen.Throughout all Gandhi did to change the world, he inspired many and sent powerful messages to everyone across the world. Everyday Matama influenced new hearts who read his story. After the war, India split into India and Pakistan, this is because the British believed Muslims and Hindus could not live peacefully together. Gandhi fasted for 21 days to protest that. He believed everyone could live peacefully. This resulted in a community truce. But after Gandhi pasted, the truce broke and changed to India and Pakistan. “Great Soul” is a celebratory name everyone should want. Mahatma means “Great Soul” and that’s why Gandhi earned that name. Which proves Gandhi was an inspiration to more people than just
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