Martin Luther King Jr Inequalities

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Inequality and racial discrimination have been prevalent in the lives of the black community as well as others for many years. It is inequality that has deprived these minorities of the possibilities and opportunities to become someone in society. Yet, Martin Luther King sought to contradict these traditional norms of society and fight back with peace and kindness to give a voice to those who were shunned. Throughout history, black people were not able to do many things such as attend a school with white children, vote, sit at the front of a bus and have an opinion. Of course, they became tired of living a restricted life where they were oppressed and discriminated against for the color of their skin. It was expected of them to remain passive and endure this brutality and if they tried to retaliate they would face horrendous repercussions such as a beating, rape in some cases, and unjust jail time. The American law system was most definitely not on their side, and sought to delay equality for all. Fortunately, Martin Luther King Jr sought to change the way the system worked and battle inequality. Yet, unlike past occurrences he tried to seek justice by non- violent protests and direct action. Martin Luther King Jr. was…show more content…
was successful in his mission for equal rights because he managed because he managed to have an impact on the racial mindset of many, made it possible for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to pass through dedication and perseverance, and made it possible for the black community to have a voice and vote. Martin Luther King Jr. managed to change the world with his message of equality, because of him we are able to rejoice together without the fear of being discriminated or unjustly treated. His character and his speeches about peace and equality created a new America with new laws to ensure that every citizen despite their race and the color of their skin could obtain the same opportunities as any other
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