Martin Luther King Jr.: Is Rosa Parks A True Hero

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Heroes aren't what most people think they are. They aren't people who defeat monsters, or save the moon. Heroes are ordinary people who do more than save the moon, or defeat monster. They change the world, and make a difference. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. did, with his speech but, King Jr. isn't the only hero. There are many others and one of them is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks is a great hero, because she stood up for all the African American people.

On February 4, 1913 a hero was born, Rosa Parks. Unfortunately she was born in the time of segregation. Which affected her in many ways since she was African American. Segregation made many African American and Hispanics have a hard time doing regular things. For example, African American were placed wherever White people wanted them. Many White people were very demanding for example this guy, “After dropping ten cents into the fare-box, Mrs.Parks recognized the face of James Blake, a gun-carrying, white bus driver she had encountered twelve years earlier, when he forced her to pay her fare, then walk around to the back door, where he insisted that black passengers board”. (Move To The Back, Rosa Parks) That wasn't all African American weren't just set aside and left alone. No, they were bothered and used as slaves

Slavery was also a very horrible situation. Yet, on
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Because not anybody could do what she did and what she went through, without asking for any violence. Rosa Parks was and till this day is a great hero. But, what's even more heroic is the reason why she did what she did. As she claims, she wasn't tired of working, she was tired of “giving in”. “People always say I didn't give up my seat because I was tired…. No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.” (Rosa Parks) To be able to do that in her time took a great amount of courage. And courage is one of the main qualities I believe a hero should have. And that is what make her a hero to
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