Martin Luther King Jr.: Pursuer Of Equality

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
Pursuer of Equality

If Martin Luther King Jr. did not have the courage to speak out and experience life-changing events, the world we live in today would be very different. In America, Martin Luther King Jr. is acknowledged as the leader of the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world by ending segregation, so people of all races would be equal. During his trip to equality, he risked his life, hosted protests and boycotts to gain freedom and equality for all African Americans. Because of his actions, everyone in America is welcome and treated the same. In conclusion, he left a legacy as being a pursuer of equality.
To add on, events that Martin Luther King Jr. experienced impacted his role in the civil rights movement.
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Martin Luther King experienced deadly and not life-threatening events. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t give up when he was close to death. Because some people did not support the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King’s house was bombed. (CX) Despite that his house was bombed, Martin Luther King was courageous by telling everyone to continue and to ignore threats from others. Signing a book, a woman stabbed Martin Luther King in the chest using a letter opener. (SPP) Martin Luther King was super close to dying that day. In addition, King lead the Selma march, which was a total flop. People attacked protesters who were participating. Martin Luther King did not give up, because he defied a court order that banned him from hosting another march. (CD) Because he was courageous, the second Selma march was a success. If he did not have courage, African Americans may have never had protection while voting. Martin Luther King was courageous enough to continue marching and protesting even though he got arrested 20 times. To sum up, Martin Luther King had courage during his pursuit of
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