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Rebekah Riepe Chambers ENGRW 9 December 2015 Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. dared to dream, and as a result, he brought about a movement that changed lives across America. His speeches enlightened and inspired people to the point of action. As a skilled rhetorician was able to establish credibility with his audiences by integrating familiar works into his speeches. He knew how to create well written speeches while still speaking from his heart and delivering his message with passion. From his time as a minister, he was able to use his training to evoke emotion from all and prick the consciences of those who opposed his mission. Despite all of the violence King never wavered, and by his use of language he was able to incite …show more content…

When he was born he was referred to as M.L. by his family for several years, until he had his name legally changed to Martin several years later Jackson 36). As he grew up he was heavily influenced by his family’s ties to the Baptist community. His grandfather lead the congregation of Kings childhood church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, until Martin Luther King Sr. later took over. Under the leadership of King Sr. the church grew from around six hundred members to several thousand in just under ten years Jackson 37). Part of his success in growing the church was due to the importance he placed in his sermons of the importance of not only meeting people's spiritual needs, but their physical needs as well. This influenced King from an early age because he was able to learn the practical applications of the gospel, and how to use it to bring people together. In 1444 King began his higher education at Morehouse college at age fifteen. “According to his own accounts, he entered college as a religious skeptic, more interested in a career in law than in pursuing a life of ministry” Jackson 39). The process of his conversion was rigorous as he struggled to live by faith and not purely by his sense, but after years of study and he decided to follow Jesus. Throughout his four years at Morehouse he was influenced by his religion professor George Kelsey and the college president Benjamin Mays. The two provided King with a solid example of what it looks like to have a socially active ministry in the community in order to bring about equality for black men. Originally King didn’t want to be a preacher because he didn't want to conform to the practices of a stereotypical minister and preach solely about spiritual matters, no matter how important they may be. Rather he wanted to make advances in the fight for equality. Due of the examples of Mays, Kelsey, and his

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