Martin Luther King Jr Research Paper

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Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. A dream that we could all live in peace, in harmony. One day, I hope to see this happened but as of now, it’s constant fighting. Yes, we have grown as a community and learned to accept, most of the time. Other times we decide putting others down is better than standing up for what we know is right. How are we supposed to grow if we are kept in the small box that is our society. Today women are paid less than men, for the same work and dedication. Why is that? Why should I feel worried for the young women today? Walking around the streets being cat-called and whistled at. To men they all look like an object, only put there for their pleasure. And racism, maybe it has gotten better, maybe. But people still chose to see other people by what they …show more content…

The words the escape some people's mouths are like knives being thrown against your back, stabbing you deeper than you could have ever anticipated. Maybe some people don’t realize the hurt they are causing people to feel, just because they don’t physically touch them. Shaming people for who they are or the color of their skin, might just be worse than physical touch. Calling someone out for something they can’t change, like being a person of color, is horrible. But people constantly do. They decide that being “cool” is worth someone else's suffering. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, I’m supposed to say whether or not I believe he would be happy with the world today. I can honestly say no, I don’t think he would be impressed. I think people should get over themselves and learn to accept so that future generations don’t have to deal with the ridiculous things we have to. I can’t remember the last time I read a news article that wasn’t about racism and violence. That beyond scares me. Knowing in a few short years I will have to face this wicked world on my own. Not sheltered or shielded from the hate and disgusting words and actions of some

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