Martin Luther King Jr Summary

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Martin Luther King Jr. is a well-known civil rights activist and he is also a minister. In 1967, King gave a speech at a meeting called “Clergy and Laymen concerned about Vietnam” (King). King starts of by telling his opinion about the Vietnam War. He believes that the war is an enemy of the poor, because America would never invest money into the poor as long as the war was still going on. He also believes that sending sons, fathers, and brothers into war is nonsense, because they knew that they would die in high proportions. He also stated that they would send young black men and white boys to kill and die together, nut they could not live together or seat them next to each other in schools (King). Discussing this letter and how Dr. King felt…show more content…
I agree with the part about the money should be spent on domestic problems and not war, because the country should be the focus and the country should help the poor. America would not give funds up to support the poor, because of the war that was going on. I believe that they should have gave some funds to the poor to help them in troubling times. I also did not understand why blacks and white were still separated, but they would kill and die together in war. It is not right to separated humans. His view is important, because he was one of the few that spoke out against the war. He was not afraid to share his opinion and that is why he is so inspirational. The main part that I liked is when he was discussing the part about how America was hurting people in Vietnam and were destroying their lives, crops, and homes. He was speaking for the victims of the war and how it can hurt both sides of the war and not just one. I think money is one of the main points in his speech. The quote “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death” (King) shows his view on the war and I agree with his view. I think the money should have been spent on things back home that supports our citizens and not on war. Another quote that I like is “Communism will never…show more content…
King’s speech is a powerful and it gives a different view to the war in Vietnam. King was against everything about war and what it mean. He was against the way America did not help the poor in its own country, but it aids a war that is causing many deaths and is ruining lives on both sides of the fight. King provided several steps in his speech that he though America should make to get out of the conflict. King wanted to speak for both sides and wanted to be speak for the rest of the people that was also against the violent
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