Martin Luther King Jr.: Thoughtful Words Analysis

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Throughout history the words of individuals have affected many generations. Theoretically humans have done incredible, and atrocious things just with the influence of people’s . Actions, to me, are not as powerful as words, and I believe that words determine people's actions. Thoughtful words are like the puppet strings that make us do excellent or horrible things . Moreover It’s all about the influence we spread with the wisdom we speak . Men these days only care about what other people think about us, and a majority of these people desires to be influenceducated .Also words possess us to act . Therefore, with the absence of words, we would have no inspiration to act. If I don’t say something horrible to someone they have…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr would study about Gandhi and how he would protest with words and not with actions. Taking this into consideration, he decided to do the same with a similar predicament. This man wanted to fight segregation, and unite the country. This was the start of the civil rights movement. In 1956 Martin was arrested for the first time ,but he was not intimidated and he continued speaking and getting people together in a peaceful way. In the same year that he was apprehended, his moved managed to make bus segregation illegal. This was only the start, the more he spoke the more people knew about him, and he started to become a leader in the African American community. As his fame grew exponentially ,people started to act even more violent against his movement. Then it came to a point where peaceful protests became antagonized by the police, and even from other African Americans who did not want white and black people to live peacefully. Men and woman peaceful protesters taken by the police, beaten with clubs,sprayed with hoses, gassed, and some even assassinated. Nevertheless, Martin Luther King Jr and his supporters still believed that their voice could modify this nation, even when people acted wrongly against them. And just like that, the idea of a fair country spread like a wildfire. Soon this country would stand for fairness and
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