Martin Luther King Jr.'s Arguments In 'Beyond Vietnam'

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Throughout the course of history there has been a few basic pioneer traits which have become habitual and a way for humans to express themselves. One of the main and core habits which is an important way of expressing ourselves is through communication. Furthermore, as one becomes more precise about communication, they soon realize that they might not have the same views on certain topics. Hence, this leads to argumentation, which is the process of supporting an idea or simply a means for one to express and communicate themselves. Typically, an argument does not consist of name calling, and as a matter of fact disapproves ideas without evidence. Alternatively, good arguments consist of a few vital rhetorical issues such as, supporting evidence, know if the evidence is relevant, and to consider the audience 's perspective as well as know if they analyze the argument from two opposite views.…show more content…
Moreover, in the article "Beyond Vietnam..." By Martin Luther king Jr also former president George W Bush 's "2003 State of the union address" are two exceptional examples which can display an exemplary as well as poor or illegitimate
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