Martin Luther King Jr.'s Struggle For Equality

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Martin Luther King Junior strove for equality amongst all people. During the 1950’s to 60’s there was direct racial segregation and discrimination. Martin lived during that time period. He only hoped that America would change for the better after his “I Have A Dream” speech. Racial equality is the main gist in the speech, but towards the end Martin hints at equality for everyone. Although people may believe Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality was achieved, but it is not and this is evident with modern-day transphobia,homophobia, and religious inequality. A transgender person’s self-identity does not conform to the conventional notations of gender they were born with; therefore they may wish to change their appearance to match their…show more content…
It is saddening that trans individuals that need to beg and plead for basic human rights like for them to not be attacked and for support the existence (Lise 1). That is not an equal experience with a cis person. It is now 2016 and there are many LGBT celebrities and famous figures . There are advocate groups and support systems for this community.Despite their mainstream acceptance,some areas of the United States shun and attack LGBT people. Any there is no nationwide stand for them, unlike the civil rights movement. There is religious tolerance in America, but the intolerance is a major problem because the propagated diversity of her inhabitants. The pilgrims came to America to practice their religion without being prosecuted
. Ostracizing men, women, and children based on their and their orientation and beliefs or their lack of is disrespecting Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of equality and our founding fathers. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted equality for all not just black americans. Examples other than the inequality of trans and homosexual individuals and different religions and their followers exist in Modern America, but those example compare more recent issues with equality and one that has stood the test of time, The goal everyone should strive for is equality like Martin Luther King
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