Martin Luther King Jr's Accomplishments

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Martin Luther King Jr. is known throughout the world for his leadership in the American Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s will always be remembered as an unstable period in American history. Racial tensions were at an all time high and our country, states, towns and families were torn over their views of racism. Racial barriers challenged black people everywhere and Jim Crow laws of the South denied millions of black people basic rights (Jenkins). During this time of civil unrest, numerous leaders emerged, but by far the most notable was Martin Luther King, Jr.. Dr. King was born to Reverend Martin Luther and Alberta Williams King. Reverend King was an advocate of racial equality. Both his parents stood…show more content…
King’s speeches and nonviolent movement opened the eyes to millions of Americans and forced them to question humanity. One of King’s early accomplishments was his organization of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Many of King’s campaigns were initiated through the conference and its members. One of his greatest successes was his famous Letter from Birmingham City Jail which stemmed from King’s arrest in Birmingham, Alabama during a nonviolent protest of black Americans (Jenkins). The American people watched in shock as police beat and arrested many of the protestors. Many of the protestors were women and children. King’s letter and the media coverage of the brutal protest opened more eyes to the inequalities of black…show more content…
was alive today he would be eighty-seven years old. It would be nice to believe he would’ve served as America’s first black president or sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. In many ways our nation has taken a step back from Dr. King’s successes. How would he feel about the killing of white police officers nationwide? How would he feel about the gangs which have invaded our inner cities? How would he feel about the generations of families living on public assistance with no desire to better themselves or our nation? How would he feel about our upcoming presidential election? Without a doubt our world would be a better place if we only had more people like Dr. Martin Luther King
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