Martin Luther King Persuasive Speech

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” The speaker of this quote, Martin Luther King Jr., was an articulate man, whose words have inspired people throughout history. This influential adage portrays that positivity can light up any darkness that is concealed within the mindset of current leaders. In our world today, several controversial ideas circulate people’s minds. This civil rights leader has proved to others that not only can problems be solved, but that they can also be permanently dismissed from society. Discrimination, stereotypes, segregation, and violence are huge controversial arguments that play a huge role in society. “Worsening, Unchecked Segregation in K-12 Public Schools” by Washington Post, “Famous Speeches: Martin Luther King 's ‘I Have a Dream’” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and “Discrimination Against Muslims Is Increasing In U.S., Pew Study Finds” by Washington Post, all point out problems surfacing the world and the repercussions of them.…show more content…
King is not capable of making any real changes to current society, it is evident that he could rehabilitate people affected by violence, segregation, and stereotypes and turn this nation into a safe, secure, and violence free country, once and for all. Argumentative problems such as discrimination, violence, segregation, and stereotypes has turned America into a country of disagreement. However, with the help of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., society could soon become a unified nation once again. Dr. King has helped people overcome difficult times in the past. In his popular“I Have A Dream” speech, Dr. King uses a forthright manner to address all the issues that were visible at the time. His reappearance would leave the world permanently free of hardships. After all, obstacles will always arise throughout history, but those who make a difference leave a mark on the world that can never be
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