Martin Luther King Research Paper

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Martin Luther King, Jr. who was a leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement said “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” If we look back on the long river of history, there are so many things which worth to remember. Countless people have made contributions, and some of them has been remembered forever. But some people think not all the part of the history should be remembered, people should learn how to forget. I don’t agree with them. In fact, I think people should never forget the history. First of all, I think only if we remember the history, we know the value of peace. The progress of history is always accompanied by countless wars. Some wars symbolized justice, some were not; some wars for defense, some wars for aggression. All these different kinds of wars showed the same meaning to people: bleeding. For example, statistics showed that there were almost 65000000 people took part in the World War I, and about 10000000 people dead. Almost 20000000 people were injured. If that's not shocking enough, there is another statistics showed that over 70 million people had been killed in World War II, include 26.6 million Russian people. We must remember that brutal history, remember those people who died for the war. It reminded people to avoid …show more content…

From the history books, we can learn many things of the wisdom from previous people. There is a history book which called “A Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century”. In this book we can observe our history in a different angle. This book summarizes the history of the whole world. If readers wants to learn history more specific, there are thousands of books they can choose. In China, we have “Records of the Grand Historian” which is the greatest history book in China. This book describes the evolution of the whole history of China. Only understand the past, people can have a more profound understanding of the current

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